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Anti - Wrinkle Injections - Botox® Treatment & Appointment Expectations 


Dr Leena Deol


Consultation & 1 Treatment

Procedure Time

15 Minutes



Treatment Recovery


Result Expectation

12 Weeks

Man Getting Botox

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Explained...

At DermaVita Holt Cosmetic & Laser Clinic we use Botox which contains outline toxin in extreme dilutions. When injected locally it blocks the neuro-muscular junction and relaxes the muscles. The procedure is simple and straightforward with improvements first noticeable after about a week. Results last on average 3-6 months before repeat treatments are needed to maintain the improved look.

 At DermaVita Holt Cosmetic & Laser Clinic we recognise that our clients have individual requirements therefore our prices for Botox are bespoke. We do recommend a consultation with our clinic doctor, here you will be given a quote for your treatment.

Consultation Price £30 (redeemable against your first treatment)

Prices for Botox to be quoted.

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