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Acne Laser Treatment

Active acne can seriously reduce your enjoyment in life. DermaVita has an "Acne Treatment Program" to help resolve this common but unpleasant problem.

A mild-moderate acne scarring is treated with intense pulsed light (IPL) and long-pulsed Nd:Yag lasers. Active acne is treated with intense pulsed light in combination with a range of cosmeceuticals (medical strength skin products)

At A Glance

Acne Laser Treatment  - Treatment & Appointment Expectations 


Laser & Skin Health Specialist



Consultation & 4 to 8 Treatments (Minimum)

Procedure Time

From 30 Minutes



Treatment Recovery


Result Expectation

Results can be noticeable after 

1 treatment depending on severity


Acne Laser Treatment  Explained...

Active Acne:

Laser light kills the specific bacteria that cause infection leading to spots. By heating up the skin around the spots the laser light stimulates the production of collagen which helps in the healing process and the spots disappear.


Acne Scarring:

With mild acne scarring the Nd:Yag heats up the deeper skin layers stimulating collagen production and producing a healing response which reduced scarring and firms up the skin giving it a better texture.

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