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Thread Veins

​​​​​​​ Thread veins can appear anywhere on the face or body and have several causes such as excessive exposure to the sun over the years, a sign of rosacea or they can be inherited.

We treat thread veins on the face, body or legs using our powerful Fotona Nd:YAG Laser System or our Aria IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) System.

At A Glance

Thread Veins - Treatment & Appointment Expectations 


Laser & Skin Health Specialist



Consultation & 2 to 8 Treatments

progress reviewed at each appointment

Procedure Time

From 30 Minutes



Treatment Recovery

You may get redness and/or bruising for up to 7 days after treatment

Result Expectation

Results noticeable after 1 treatment

Smiling Woman

Thread Veins  Explained...

Using either our Nd:YAG laser or Aria IPL laser the thread vein reduction method is an effective, non-invasive treatment that targets problem capillaries, vessels or veins which can be found on the face and legs with targeted laser energy. This damages the veins so that they shrink and then disappear. Laser energy also works to stimulate healing and cell renewal in the treated area for clearer-looking skin.

Laser Thread Vein Removal treatment works by targeting the red pigment in the blood, within the blood vessels at the surface of the skin. The blood then coagulates in the small vessels and as a consequence, the blood vessel that you can see at the surface of the skin disappears.

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